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Task Card Series
Recitation and Enrichment Series
High School History and Literature Series


The Task Card Series
was initially written to provide a self-directed, investigative approach to grammar stage science. Over the years, sets were added to cover history, geography and culture, grammar, art, and music. These sets are easily customizable for use in your home or school. They provide a pace and structure that balances freedom and self-direction with focus and attention to detail.

Each Task Card Set is designed to around the Classical scope and sequence and the individual tasks rely on trusted tools of learning. Living books are emphasized and narration, in a variety of forms, is used as a means of learning and evaluation. All of this is framed within a Montessori style prepared environment that encourages self-directed, engaged learning.

These sets were written for use in the author's home over many years. The first sets were made available to friends in 2006 and were formatted for wider distribution through Creek Edge Press in 2011. Task Card Sets are now being used in all fifty states, six Canadian provinces, and thirteen countries.


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Each volume of the Recitation and Enrichment Series covers recitation and enrichment objectives for all grades in an open-and-go, week-plan format. These volumes correspond with the Task Card Series and include cumulative recitations in history, Latin, math, and science. A tiered approach is applied to copywork and dictation. Enrichment plans cover vocabulary, nature study, music, and art. Also included are customizable sections for noting material to read aloud.

Recitation and Enrichment Volumes are designed to provide opportunities for oral discussion and vocabulary reinforcement. Recitation work builds mental capacity to retain and recite memory work across the curriculum. These volumes also provide opportunities for collaborative research and public speaking while providing course facilitators with ready-made organization which allows for increased interaction and ease of preparation.

Each Recitation and Enrichment Volume corresponds to one history and culture Task Card Set and one science Task Card Set. They may also be used with other materials that follow a similar sequence.

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 Creek Edge Press Task Card Series:

Investigative, Self-Directed Learning for Grades 1-8

Creek Edge Press Task Card Sets are non-consumable and are designed for use by multiple grades. Each set includes a Course Introduction and a set of Task Cards for student use. Specific books are not indicated in the tasks, making them easy to customize for use within your home or classroom. They support the following educational styles:

  • Classical - The tasks direct students toward trusted tools of learning. They point to key vocabulary that students will use in future years of study and encourage students to read, think, and respond. Research tasks facilitate the habit of reading for detail.
  • Charlotte Mason – The tasks rely on narration, in a variety of forms, as a primary means of response. The student encounters meaningful ideas and beautiful expression within living books and other materials chosen for study.
  • Montessori – The parent prepares a learning environment and the student engages in research tasks indicated on the cards. While the topics on the cards are specific, the tasks are purposely open ended to allow for individual investigation and response at the student's pace.

The Course Introductions include instructions for using the cards, step by step directions for preparing the learning environment, a guide for selecting books and materials, and tips to help your students thrive with the Task Card Approach

High School History and Literature Series:

*Ancient World available now. 

Investigative, Self-Directed Learning for Grades 9-12

Directed toward rhetoric level students, this series brings the principles of the Task Card Approach to the high school level. The four volume series includes year-plans covering the Ancient World, Medieval World, Early Modern World, and Modern World. 
Each volume is comprised of task cards which direct students to engage in a variety of research and response objectives with the following goals in mind: 
  • Interest - Varying research objectives and focal points ensure meaningful interaction with course material. 
  • Factual Facility - Knowledge of concrete facts is reinforced through the use of work-templates which rely on the use of effective study skills. 
  • Increasing Understanding - Broad themes and historical patterns are discovered through research objectives. 
  • Increasingly Adult Narrative - Adult voices and themes are presented as students move beyond familiar grammar and dialectic narratives of history. 
  • Introduction to the Historical Method - Students engage with vocabulary and interact with tensions inherent in the historical method. 
  • Analysis and Synthesis - Students are introduced to analysis as they read and distill points from scholarly works and articles. Students demonstrate emerging synthesis skills in a variety of response forms. 
  • Literature Survey - A survey of literature directs students to read select great books. Students study the context and authorship of each work. They also engage in dynamic interaction and develop literary analysis skills. 

Course Distinctives:

  • Socratic - This course makes no attempt to filter, distill, or frame content for students. Rather, it directs students to engage in inquiry.
  • Structure - This course provides structure through the use of work templates, student assignment sheets, and carefully selected course materials.
  • Freedom - Students direct their research and response independently. This allows them freedom to explore and make meaningful connections to their work.
  • Expectations - Course facilitators communicate individual requirements to students. Each volume is comprehensive and covers challenging material. Expectations increase incrementally over time.

The Creek Edge Press High School History and Literature Series is designed to move students beyond the objectives and narrative of the grammar and dialectic years. The enriched narrative and format ensures that students will not find in this course a repeat of previous study.

Scope and Sequence:
Ancient World
Medieval World (coming soon)
Early Modern World (coming soon)
Modern World (coming soon)

Creek Edge Press Recitation and Enrichment Series:


Comprehensive Recitation and Enrichment for Grades 1-12

Each volume includes 32 weekly plans which include:
  • Selections for copywork, dictation, and recitation. Designed to correspond with your students' history studies, these selections are drawn from primary sources, poetry, and literature. An innovative tiered approach allows all levels to learn and work together.
  • Memory work in the form of cumulative science, math, Latin, grammar, and history. Recitation selections are designed to balance the challenging aspects of incorporating memory work into your school routine. Realistic pacing tempers a rigorous program of recitation. All of the assigned definitions, chants, and sentences convey meaning without neglecting structure.
  • Enrichment objectives cover nature study, geography, vocabulary, music, art, manners, and character traits. Designed to meet a need for relational learning, this innovative format eases preparation and provides a focus on oral exposure and experience, vocabulary reinforcement, collaborative research, and discussion.
  • Customizable sections for noting material to read aloud and additional areas of study, if desired.

The appendix includes resource lists; complete history, Latin, English, and science recitations; and a set of Montessori style three part history timeline cards, which are designed to provide visual recognition of vocabulary as well as experience with dates and concurrent civilizations.