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Reviews and Testimonials

"Creek Edge Press task card sets combine the perfect combination of Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Montessori - perfect for our home schooling style. We're loving them."  ~ M. in SD 

"Exactly what I've been trying to pull together on my own.  The Task Cards may be a simple tool, but there's genius behind them. I love how the topics and key content progress through the cards."  ~ Mary in MN

"The Course Introduction is fabulous.  I finally understand how to use summarizing effectively with my children.  It took eight years and being introduced to the Task Card Approach. Thanks so much, Amy Kate." ~ H.L. in VA

"These are fantastic! I'll be incorporating my DD(6) into our homeschool this year (joining DDs 13, 11, & 2). She is a 'graduate' of a wonderful Montessori pre-primary classroom. She'll do her math and language arts 9a-12n daily and have her independent research time 1-3p (while baby naps, mommy cooks/cleans/recovers from the morning). The task card approach will work beautifully with this self-motivated, curious, & disciplined child! Thanks for giving me (her) the tools to continue her independence beyond the Montessori classroom and into our homeschool". ~ S.D. Michigan

"I have recently read through the Geography course, and wanted to express my gratitude to you for compiling and publishing your program. We have a house full of books- The Great Books, three encyclopedia sets, shelves of historical fiction, and numerous reference books- yet, I was still purchasing curriculum as I couldn't wrap my mind around pulling together all those volumes into a rigorous, effective teaching plan. I stumbled upon Creek Edge Press material by chance, and am so glad I did. The cards provide what I wanted, but knew I could not do myself. For geography, I already own all but a few items, and the activities are what I have wished for. Thank you!" ~ E.S. in MI

"The tiered approach you shared in the Overview and Objectives has reinvented our family's home school. Spending some of our school hours together in meaningful ways is something I've always dreamed of, but have never been able to accomplish. Heartfelt thanks!" ~ M. in VA 

"I was skeptical about my son's ability to work independently, but I'm so glad I gave your Task Card Sets a try. He loves task card time and is making more progress than he has with any other approach we've tried.  The best thing is that this progress is crossing over to his work in other areas. He is actually listening when we work on math together. You've given us the perfect combination of freedom and direction."  ~ Tara in CT

"The Recitation and Enrichment volumes take the ideal and plug it into doable chunks for busy homeschool Moms who want to do everything and who rarely hit the target due to disorganization and the seemingly more 'important' subjects. These volumes don't reinvent the wheel, but they make it all work together smoothly and beautifully." ~ D. in CA

"Thanks for making Montessori's ideals accessible."  ~ V. in OH  

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